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Notice of Appraised Value Sample

    The Property Identification number (PID) which is normally 6 digits long, Geographical Identification number (Geo ID), a 16 digit long number, Current Owner's name and Current Mailing Address that we have on file is displayed in this area.

    If the information listed on your Notice of Appraised Value is incorrect, such as the mailing address, legal description, owner's name, etc., please provide the correct information so we may correct any errors.

    A portion of the property description is displayed in this area: the Property ID, the Percent of Ownership that is applied to the account, the Geo ID, a Doing Business As (DBA) business name if your account is a business personal property account, and the Legal Description, which shows the subdivision name, lots, blocks, acres, etc., is displayed as well.

    This area displays the Legal Number of Acres that are applicable to your property, the Physical Address (Situs) where your property is located at, and the Owner ID which is a unique ID number that is issued once an owner is created.

    (Please disregard the "Appraiser:" section. No information is displayed.)

    The Structures/Improvement Market Value section displays the market value of any improvements which include, buildings, structures, fixtures, or fences that are on or erected to the land. This area does not display the land value.

    The Market Value of Non Ag/Timber Land is a lot, acreage, tract or parcel of Real Estate. This shows the market value of land that is not used for Ag/Timber. The Market value for the land is shown here only. Structures/improvements is not shown in this area. See tab number 4.

    The Total Market Value means the price at which a property would transfer for cash or its equivalent under prevailing market conditions. This area displays the total market value of both the structures/improvements and the land.