Open Records Request

Open Records Request Policy:

  • Pursuant to the Open Records Act, you are required to submit a written request describing in detail the information being requested. (e.g., Account Number, Owner’s Name, Legal Description, Type of Print‐out, etc.)
  • If the Requested Information is excepted from Disclosure to the General Public (confidential), other requirements apply
  • It is the policy of this office to provide suitable copies of all public records, to produce computerized print‐out, appraisal cards and/or data files within a reasonable period of time after a request is made, but no later than 10 business days without informing you of the cost or availability of the records.
  • All requests submitted after 5:00 PM will be marked as received on the next regular business date.
  • We will make every effort possible to ensure that the cost is kept to a minimum.
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